Coding on Chromebook

May 18, 2019 · 236 words · 2 minute

I recently got a Google Pixelbook. I had wanted to get a new MacBook Pro, but with all the issues with the keyboard, I decided to go for an alternative. I loved the design of the Pixelbook, and I wanted something that would be lightweight like the iMac for traveling and other assorted portable needs.

I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I was looking at some of the more cheaper options. The sub 250 just didn’t have enough power, so I grabbed a Pixelbook that was on sale. I have to say that it is slowly becoming one of my favorite devices—with two caveats.

The Pixelbook does not have Android app support or Linux support, and which are valuable. Android app support has been a beautiful reservation. Having easy access to some of my favorite tools, as well as access to some writing apps and productivity apps, has been lovely. One thing I’ve been playing with is the Linux support, but I have found that for coding.

I was kind of concerned about what my workflow would be. But this weekend, I fired up CodeSandbox and used that with direct commits into a GitHub repo, all from within the browser. To be honest, the workflow was enjoyable. It was smooth, and I had minimal problems. Now, the sample size is just one repository, but it was a joy to work with.