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Written By Google


This is going to be a short post. I’m trying to write with Google Now voice dictation. I wanted to test voice accuracy of this and to see if this would be a viable option to try to get some things down.

In the future, I think we will move more and more towards voice driving a lot of our actions and computing. Our voices allow us to have a different kind of interaction with devices and the real world.

I wanted to see if I could use my voice to dictate my thoughts and see if there was anything that I noticed about the quality of the words and how much we have to edit.

I really like the kind of concept of having something that is so easy to dictate to. It might be a cool tool to help bridge the gap for some new writers or help break through an idea you are stuck on.

I think it’s an interesting concept to be able to have something in your car that could take voicemails and texts differently, but I think with these devices coming into our homes with Alexa and Google Now, Google Assistant, whatever they’re calling it, now you have the technology.

I can’t see myself Starbucks talking to my phone, but I think it’s kind of a nice thing even just sitting in your car.

John Siwicki