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Why I Love Audio!


I have always been a quiet person. I have never wanted to have much attention on me. I want to be in the background, and I did a lot of listening when I was a kid.

I remember when I got my first stereo. I was a teenager, and it was my brother old hardware. I thought it was amazing that it could hold five CDs inside one box. But I also I remember that when I was exploring different kinds of music and discovering all these sounds, I started using headphones more and more often.

The thing that I love about consuming art like that is that it feels so personal. There is nobody else experiencing that piece of art in that way at that moment. In my emotional teenage state, I thought that was incredible.

Podcasts have slowly become one of my favorite mediums. I listen to about two hours of content a day on average. I also use two different apps to manage all of the shows that I want to follow. If it’s a show I listen to occasionally, I keep it on Google Play Music. If I become a regular listener to a podcast, it gets promoted to the Pocket Casts.

The thing that I like most about the podcast medium is that I listen to it mostly in the car or with headphones on. It all seems so personal. If there is a good interview, it feels like I’m at a dinner party with the guest and host.

Podcasts have allowed me to explore topics and hear different points of view. They have helped me grow as a person.