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This was the week of the Apple Watch. The watch is officially out in the wild. So naturally, the app store has been flooded with new items and app updates. I don’t own an Apple Watch and won’t get since I have an Android. But, there is a lot of interesting things happening in the space. These are just a few of the things I found interesting.

Calm - The meditation app Calm has released support for the Apple Watch. I don’t meditate, but I can see this being a real use case. It’s a hard habit to get started on and some small vibrations to let you know when you finish.

Invision For Apple Watch and Android Wear - I love invision because they seem to one of the few companies who are always on top of it. If something new is out Invision is in that space. I think for such a new device, this is where Invision is going to be super helpful.

Day One - Popular Journal app Day One is now on the watch. You can post some quick entries and read some old posts.

Trello - Trello allows you to add a card, see notifications, and whats do soon. I like the ability to dicate notes. I would love to see some of hot word for use cases like this. I know whenever I am driving I get a lot of ideas. I would say “Add card to trello” and then dictate my note. - Lately, I have been trying to track a few daily habits. Dealing with these on my wrist would be a nice change as this activity you want to track might be far away from a phone or a computer.

Gero - Pomodoro time management for your wrist