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Top 10 Hunts

Authors - Bookmarks are one of those things that will never go away. Lately, anything of importance I just stick into Evernote. It is always interesting to see what people can do with bookmarks.

Pocket - I used to use Pocket but then I moved to Instapaper because of highlights. Pocket has just launched a new responsive redesign for their sites. Even if you are not a user, it is worth just checking out as a case study.

Invision Tours - Invision is a product that I never had a reason to use. But, I follow it closely as I see the huge need that it feels, and they just make cool stuff.

Pilot - Anyone who wants to try and disrupt ISPs should be noted and looked at hard. Pilot is a new ISP for New York City at the moment. It seems to be Fiber based and targeting business at the moment.

Pinegrow - Pingegrow is a desktop HTML editor that allows you to create Wordpress themes visually. Also, somehow convert Static Websites to Wordpress themes. That feature alone might be worth searching. As, I prefer to create a static site as to working with a WordPress theme out of the gate. - Version control for your designs. It uses Google Drive for storage. There are a few similar products, but I like that Pics uses Google Drive as a backup.

Marvel Characters Database - Avengers is coming out in a few weeks, and a database of Marvel Characters could come in handy.

Confident Communicator Course - Everyone hates public speaking. This course will allow you to sharpen those skills.

Petcube For Apple Watch If you don’t have a pet this might seem a bit out there. All the pet owners will get excited about this. Petcube allows you to check in on your pet when you are away from home. They have now added Apple Watch support. I like the idea of being able to give my pet a snack from my watch.

Vnyl - A vinyl subscription service. The website is pretty, and I just love the concept.