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The Search For Optimization


As 2015 came to light, I noticed a few things that kept happening to me. I kept failing to do any of the goals that set out to accomplish. Every December, I start to prepare for the coming year and try to set out a set of goals. I break them up into three sections: Professional, Personal, and Wild.

The professional ones are pretty self-explanatory as is the Personal ones. Things such as get a raise, go to the gym, are common things that pop up. I wanted to make a third list of just things that are out there and things that seemed to be borderline unattainable, but I was just getting nowhere. I wanted to do something that would change my habits and maybe even room a few bad ones in the process.

I found that I have a lot of problems breaking my routines and I get into these cycles where the bad habits and everything just take over. There is comfort in the predictable sometimes. Starting Small

My goal was to start with one thing that I always had a problem with, which is breaking down my goals into small pieces. I wanted to do something that would be small enough such that it would make me do things that made me act every day. I knew if I did something once a week or once a month, I would ever forget or would take too long to find out results from it.

Recaps of Some Past Experiments: What I Learned

The first thing that surprised me was that it was a lot of fun to carry out some of the experiments. IT allowed me to find that thing that works well in my life and it made me take some chances. I think that was the important part of all of these experiments. I am a guy who loves routine and time, and just loves a clean schedule. But, having to make myself more uncomfortable every day, I was ready to try different things and would embrace things that would come at me instead of being terrified.