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Ship It!


In college, I ran a music blog that to me was very successfully. It was almost like an accidental startup. I even had a staff at one point. Then, I was faced with a decision of join the real world and finish college and get a job or try to see if I could grow it. At the time, I knew nothing of starting a business, paying people or what the hell I was doing. I was barely breaking even. But, that was the most amazing project I have ever done.

Lately, I have been trying to scratch that itch again. I have had a few other ideas I have put out into the world. Nothing with the fire and the passion I had of trying to spread the world of the blog.

I wrote a post a few months back about getting fired up and getting some of these projects off your plate. I’ve had a productive year, but I wanted to finish off the year on a big note.

This past weekend it got me thinking. I am getting married in just about six months. Now, as many of you know, there is plenty of things to do before getting married. As everyone says, there is never a right time. But, my thinking behind it was I wanted just to empty the tank and go after some of my ideas. Plus, If I hustle for six months and just empty out the tank. That honeymoon is going to be even that more enjoyable.

I have six months, and I think it is perfectly reasonable to be able to launch some of my ideas by that time. The ideas and the finish products will vary. Some of them might be a simple landing page to try to validate and idea while others might be a full on web app or mobile app or hell even a full-on the blog. The only rule is that I must post a link on the blog before the date I agreed on. Also, some ideas might be for a week, and other might be six weeks. They can improve on something that I have already out there in the wild but they simply just can’t be a new blog on Medium.

This show was a big inspiration to me over the last few months. I liked what Justin did with this series. He gave himself a week, and he allowed himself to fail. Some of the best episodes where were he missed his deadlines and didn’t ship what he was trying.

But, it showed me one valuable thing. I have no excuses anymore. I can find the time. I can find the resources and I can take the chance and still do everything I need to do. I just need to maximize the time that I have and try to even create little pockets of time where I can find them.

This is a post to keep me honest. I want to put it out there in the world that I want to do this. I want to know if having that pressure to actually do something get me out of my cycle of not producing.

I have already started to push some of my ideas out into the world. Some have no traction, and I even spend some money on ads to try to get some page views. But, the excuses end and now it is time to show off.