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Some days are just so much easier than others. But, sometimes it is just about showing up. I always want rather attempt than to not attempt at all. Yesterday, I was thinking about my next move and thinking about some of the next steps. But, today was just a day that took everything out of me. I have no energy to dice into a creative project. I just really want to put on some Netflix and sit on the couch and just read a book. That is ok some nights, it is ok to just turn it off and hit the rest button. This is something that I struggled with a lot.

There was a podcast I listed to at work today. It was by someone I respect greatly. He talks about the struggle of balancing projects and just living. It was only a few minutes and it was so honest and refreshing and just made me feel calmer.

Listen: Build & Launch : EP 20

A few other inspirational links to get us back in action for tomorrow. There is something really interesting me about this contest Airpair: Developer Writing Competition.

Don’t Start From Scratch