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My phone has become an extension of me. For better or for worse, there are not many activities I do without it. But, lately I have been in a creative rut. My writing has been not of a quality that I have liked and my consumption has increased.

How often do we go, “Oh, today sucked. Let me go and watch ten hours of Netflix and sit on Twitter for those hours as well”? Excessive consumption can make you almost depressed, watching all this content and all these different social channels.

How many have had the problem where you sit down to watch a quick episode of something on Netflix and next thing you know, the night is gone. It will also steal away any creativity you might have been feeling that day. Sit on a coach for eight hours and then tell me that you are ready and excited to work on your novel.

I am going to propose something for anyone who wants to be making creative work: Let’s take an internet break. Start small and do it for an hour a week. If your work requires the Internet in some way, block the sites that are distractions. If you have been wanting to get something done and have been putting it off, this hour for you will be your time. Find a time that works for you and get your environment set up beforehand. Then, get to work. That is going to be your hour each week.