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Writing has always been something that I have loved. I started a blog in college. I had no experience writing, and I just loved sharing my opinions and being able just to tell the world something. The writing was something that was liberating to me; it was a medium where I felt comfortable. THE WHY

I also loved writing, and I always had some concepts and some ideas down. I have notebooks and folder in google docs of thoughts and ideas. These are just things swirling around in my head.

Writing is a personal thing, and that is what makes it such a hard thing to talk about openly and freely with other people online. I would continue to write and just never post and never share anything.

I knew what I was skilled at as a writer and I also knew my weakness. But, I was just scared to let that all out there. Plus, you will not find a person much worse with grammar than me. Rise Of Slack

Over, the past year I have joined nearly ten different Slack groups. These groups are communities for various things. Everything from making products, learning javascript and designing in Sketch.

Spending some time in these groups I have developed some relationships and have made some friends. It has helped me in some of those areas. They have been helpful in each of their way.

That was the thing that amazed about joining these communities was that what you got out of it. Some, of it, was new relationships and friendship starting. Other times it has just been fascinating content discovery and new tips and hacks. Mentobi

I started Mentobi to bring some of those relationships and moments around writing. I wanted a place where people can discuss, ask for help, get tips or anything at all about the craft. We are using Slack as a base for all communications. There will be an email newsletter, but that will be something that you can opt in.

I wanted to use slack because it is something that a lot of people are quickly becoming comfortable with, and it is easy for someone to always been connected to it if they wanted to.

The service is still in its early stages, and we have a few users. I have a roadmap of something that I would like to implement, but I want to take a poll of the current users and see what they want out of the service. I want to make it an all-inclusive and people vote on what they need and what they would like to see out of it.

After it is all said and done, all I want to see out of Mentobi is a place where writers met to discuss the craft.

So, whether you are writing a novel or just trying to start a blog. Please, sign up on and join the group.