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Learning JS


I am in the middle of building my first Javascript based application. I have never successfully finished an application of this scope. I have user authentications and some API access and some other feature list.

I am going to use ionic to compile the final application out to be able to be published into the App Store and in Google Play.

Before, I started this I did a few tutorials with Angular, and I ran through a few Udemy classes, and I never did much more than that. I sat on some of this for awhile, and I didn’t spend much time in code.

Then this project came at me, and I saw it as an opportunity. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone and to try and start building and attempt to work on those skills.

Everything that I have read always said to stop eventually tutorials and start coding. I am always struggling to find a project to do. I always want to do things that are massive in scope. But, since this was at my day job. This was a bit of a different animal, and I had been forced into it and had to come up with some answers and to be able actually to finish the product.

Throughout the whole process, I struggled. Each day there was a new set of problems or a new set of errors in my console. Errors I had no idea how to solve and a lot of trial and error. The thing that amazed me most about this process was how much I learned setting out to complete a goal. I know it seems like common sense to a point. But, there was no better experience than getting into the grind and starting to code.

The process of seeking out documentation and ask questions. It is also amazing how helpful people are. Just posting a few questions on Twitter and Stack Overflow.

The most important lesson I learned this month for me is that the best way for me to learn is just start doing things. I need to be experimenting and trying out new things and seeing where things go.