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One More EP


“I just don’t have enough time” is a phrase we have all uttered or said to someone recently. I feel like the older I get, the less time I have, but that also opens up more opportunity for disruption.

My finance drives over an hour each day I the car to get to work. If she could have, someone drive her. How valuable is it to get those time back. She loses anywhere between 5 to 8 hours a week just driving.

Time is one of those things in short supply, and people are willing to pay to get back. Uber, Instacart, Task Rabbit, and Postmates.

All these companies just help us automate some of those tasks. They are selling us more time and more freedom with some of the essential work that we all have to do. Plus, the beauty of some of these products is that everyone is their customer.

But the big one that I have been dreaming of is laundry. I want to be able to leave my bag outside my house and specific how long of a turnaround I need and get the clothes back clean and folded. That is a massive time suck on my weekend, and I would pay for that each week.

You know what else is special about these companies they make you feel like you are special. I will also remember my first uber ride. It made me feel like I was James Bond. I hit a button, and I had the car waiting for to take me anywhere.

Today, on Product Hunt there was an app called “Alfred.” The tagline for the app is “Alfred is your personal butler.” Starting at 25/week you can have your Alfred do all kinds of things for you including Laundry!

According to the website “A weekly home visit from one dedicated Alfred, with access to the high prices, vendors, and customer support. You give us your key, and we give you a completed to-do list.”

I both love and hate this idea. The main hurdle for me outside of non-set fee is. Do a want a stranger in my house? It is going to say hard no to a service; that will get your groceries and do your laundry.