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Google Just Mainstreamed VR


Google had a big event last week. It announced a slew of new products including a new line of phones, new Chromecasts, and a new Google Home Speaker. But the big announcement out of Google was a more in-depth look at the Google Daydream specs and the Daydream viewer headset. Google alluded to a number of partners at launch including HBO, Netflix, and the MLB.

The thing that really caught my attention was the VR viewer. It looks like one of the most polished products out of Google in a long time. It looks like it was not a rushed product or a half-baked idea. Design

If you ever used Google Cardboard or even Oculus, you know how uncomfortable they can be and how difficult it can be to get in and out of the device. Google Daydream looks like it was designed for ease of use and something to quickly pickup. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of adjusting and lining things up. There doesn’t seem to be a need to remove your case from your phone to load it in. There is also room for you to keep your glasses on. VR

VR, until this point, has been something that just been too dorky and just for the dedicated. Samsung’s Gear VR started to open that up and show that we can use our phones to become the brains of our VR content. We don’t need to get a $3,000 computer and spend an extra few hundred dollars on a headset.

Google Daydream is giving me a lot of reasons to make a jump to a Pixel Phone to be able to use this VR.