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Future Of The Pump


I woke up today sore from the gym. It was actually almost hard to walk down the stairs this morning. I have also been recovering from a knee injury from about a few weeks ago. The one thing that I love about going to the gym is it is always time away from a screen. My phone is not in my hands and I am just doing my thing.

Everytime I am at the gym I can’t help but to want a little more data and a little more information. I have been wearing activity trackers before. I have had a Fitbit, jawbone up and now I have been wearing a Mi Band.

The MiBand has an interesting setting in the app you can switch it to and track jump ropes and situps. I would really want to use something that I wouldn’t have to switch modes for to get that data. I would love to do my workout and open up the app and get a recap (100 pushups, 50 deadlifts, etc)

These products do showcase an exciting future. Athos is something that is promising as it is on your clothing and can really focus in on the muscle being used. Imagine a world where you can see all that data and know when you should rest to minimize risk of injury and have a clear graph of all the work you have been doing.