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Can We Use CSS Grid For Wireframes?


Photoshop was something that I never could wrap my head around and work in efficiently. I got on the Sketch train and started to really love that program and that workflow.

But, as new tools and goodies start to trickle out I wanted to find a way to start using CSS Grid without taking into production. I wanted to fire up a couple of quick demos to start to learn the ins and outs for the grid and maybe use it to help wireframe.

Below is just a sample layout that I coded to help me organize my project. Once, I started to learn how to manipulate grid. This was much faster to play around with then spending time in Sketch for me.

See the Pen CSS Grid Yeah? by John Siwicki (@siwicki) on CodePen.

Thanks to Grid By Example [] and @rachaelandrew for all the work on Grid. Made it a breeze to pick up.