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I have just been off my game for a few weeks. Then last night, the flood gates opened up, and I just started writing and writing. The content was not particular good and anything that I could reuse.

There is something about the writing process that just brings me a level of balance. I notice that I can articulate my ideas and thoughts better, and I generally feel more relaxed.

I found this article the other day, and I just loved the idea. Plus, the writer is someone that I follow and always check out his work. The first rule that he had was there are no bad ideas in brainstorming.

I want to get in the habit of writing things down more. I want to clean out the home screen on my phone so its just Evernote, Todoist and any other app that I have where I can capture something. I piece of inspiration or something that I see that I want to make sure that I take a photo.

Another, little thing that I noticed was that the more that I am in the browser, the more likely I am not achieve the task that I am working on. I started writing in an app outside Chrome, and the results have been impressive so far.