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Alexa How Much More Do I Have To Run


Pebble is always one of those companies that I think are underrated, as they really the whereabouts on a lot of interesting things over the last number of years and were the first to market a wearable that is interesting, looks good, and had some sort of functionality to it.

This year they took to Kickstarter to launch their new watches. They released a new product called the Pebble Core. The Core is a new type of wearable that seems to be a frontrunner. It looks very small from the mock-ups. It has a 3D radio built in and you can use apps like Spotify to play music. As you can imagine, it looks like there’s some GPS function as well.

This, to me, is a lot more interesting than any other watches The connected watch is something that has a lot of the stuff we’ve wanted for a long time with battery life considerations and what not. There have only been a handful of watches. This item is actually really low priced.

I don’t know if anyone has ever run with one of those armbands that hold your phone but it is a giant pain in the ass. It’s something that I know I never wanted. Running with Fitbits are nice for the tracking part but having the connectivity with it but you know being extremely little bit that you know. This is just a fascinating product and I can’t stop thinking about some of the use cases.

DC Alexa integration is also interesting as it was a silent attempt to take over the world. Alexas has voice commands during a run or some sort of fitness activity of any type. Your phone is going to be huge. It’s going to be something that is pretty interesting.

Connected devices are different than their own devices. End of hardware devices heats up as we say Google to launch. We will get more details in a couple weeks with their own digital system. Amazon starting to connect a lot of different third-party devices is the biggest. Being able to check your weather and traffic on your run before work; it keeps you productive during your run. It’s pretty interesting.

The Core lasts 20 hours with the single charge and it only cost around $100. Another thing that people seem to somehow get right but no one seems to copy a really good battery life in their products. I’ve been a Pebble user for quite some time and after a number of years, I can tell you that the battery life is still really impressive. I’ve seen some pretty poor performance in some testing and I’ve used some other products.

The device should be released early next year and it will be interesting to see if anyone tries to go after this market.