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A Few Thoughts On


Tomorrow is April 1st and I have been pondering a number of challenges to begin. I wanted to wait till the next month the first of the month to start something as it is just easier to track.

I find for me the best way to learn is to keep doing and keep doing it. If I want to learn something I Just have to find a way to get into my routine and into my day. If I want to get great at JS and never write any of it.

I am just finishing up a Ruby on Rails course. While, I did learn a lot, I also feel like I learned nothing. The tutorial was wonderful and they really explained MVC and a lot of other programming basics well. The way I seem to learn best is through repetition so in six months I will probably forget all of that.

I think my plan will be to set up some sort of metrics I have to meet. A certain number of git commits a week and I certain number of projects once a tutorial is over.