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A Day In Vr


#A Day In VR

Do you have some of those friends that it is easier to talk to via text inside of see them in person? I took a look at a typical day for me and the interactions between people other than my wife are quite low. But, there is a number of people that I talk to each day and that I have relationships with and collaborate with on a high level.

I have a VR headset on my end table and I am currently home alone with my cats. As VR and AR start to get cheaper and more mainstream how does this technology effect are communications channels and relationship building that is already starting to dwindle.


Let’s look at a average work day for an office worker. There are probably a number of phone calls, emails and meetings in the conference room.

Now, lets take a look at a meeting for example. You need a space to fit all of the people, you need a projector of some sort to look and reference data of some sort. Imagine a meeting where everyone is comfortable in there working environments. There is a space where you can pull up any type of file that you need. You can invite any number of people to the space. The space itself is flexible and bendable. Say you add a whiteboard to a wall and you have a powerpoint on another way.

Imagine how much more power and manfully a meeting can be. How much deeper you can go with the collaboration. Even something like just two people working on a design process or a sales pitch.

Being able to create offices and meeting space whenever they are need can help create a better remote environment and let people work in spaces wherever they feel comfortable.


We are done with our work for the day and we want to go to the movies lets say. Imagine if you can assemble a group of people to enjoy a group moving watching together. You can have two options for streaming service. Something that mimics a movie theather everything is dark and you can still see your friends and still have a conversation while the film is playing or another mode where you can watch in silence put if someone pauses it pauses for everyone. You can even have integration with apps to order take and pizza before hand.

Say there is another scenario where the people you are with want to watch a movie and you want to watch a sports game. you can still be together watching these things with headsets on. That might be a cool concept for a mix reality headset. I could still watch TV with my wife but I see the NFL game and she can stream netflix.