Gridsome: Vue.js Static Site Generator

May 18, 2019 · 288 words · 2 minute read

Today I wanted to talk about static site generators and Vue.js. Vue.js is a fantastic framework. It pulls in the best from Angular and React. It’s also easy to grasp. If you’re coming from the jQuery world, then it’s a perfect way to learn more robust JS.

I always liked the Gatsby product, React, and I wanted to stay in the Vue ecosystem and try to build more things in the Vue world. But there was a hole there. Recently, I found a new framework that is going to be a big deal and an exciting find. It’s called Gridsome, and network some is, for lack of a better term, Gatsby for Vue.

Gridsome is a flexible framework where you can pull in data from any CMS or API static files. It’s ready to become a PWA; it’s lightning fast.

Gridsome is pretty new—the latest version is 0.5. As you can tell, it’s still a work in progress, but what it has so far is pretty exciting.

I’ve only spent some time on a quick little demo on the fly and used some GraphQL pretty heavily, which was something new to me.

I love working in a .vue file. Having all your concerns in one file is interesting. I like working that way, and the isolation of a component is a nice workflow for me.

I think Gridsome could be a cool way to get into GraphQL and learn how used it in many production projects. Gridsome is something that I’m playing around with, something I’m loving, and something I’m excited about.

If anybody is looking for further information and further learning opportunities, you can check some of those out. I’m excited to start building stuff with Gridsome.